Bespoke Risk Advisory Services for All Sectors

Pangea-Risk Consulting is a specialist intelligence advisory that delivers accurate, decision-ready, and commercially relevant forecasts on political, security, and economic risk in Africa and the Middle East on a purely bespoke basis. Our team of analysts, consultants, and researchers are available to discuss clients’ precise requirements and to provide a tailored solution for their country risk needs.

Pangea-Risk Consulting provides the following bespoke risk advisory services:


Tailored reports and presentations on specific client projects and assets, including risk assessments on sovereign non-payment, security threats, or taxation risks. Pangea-Risk leverages the same extensive network of analysts and local sources to provide high quality reports and risk assessments. Pangea-Risk’s forward-looking intelligence and analysis allows clients to monitor their risk exposure for a specific country, location, or asset.

Tailored Risk Alerts and Analysis

A bespoke risk monitoring service that provides clients with a constant stream of risk relevant intelligence, threat indicators, and forward-looking analysis that supports the monitoring of risk exposure for a specific country, location, or asset. Pangea-Risk relies on its local source network to collate crucial on-the-ground data, while experienced analysts monitor key risk indicators, feeding a constant stream of actionable and commercially relevant intelligence to our clients.

Due Diligence Services

Pangea-Risk provides highly tailored, price-competitive, and discreet counter-party political and reputational risks assessments as part of clients’ due diligence requirements. Pangea-Risk has an exclusive methodology to conduct investigations into both individuals and companies, by depending on our local source network, excellent analytical resources, and access to industry-leading search tools to conduct our investigations. We assure clients utmost discretion and confidentiality when conducting such investigations.

Stakeholder Engagement

To assess political dynamics within a specific country or market and to identify key political influencers based on our clients’ requirements. Pangea-Risk applies its extensive local source network to identify key stakeholders, not only specific to countries or markets, but tailored to our clients’ exact requirements. Crucial to stakeholder identification and engagement is the mapping spheres of influence within a country or market. Such mapping allows clients to gain understanding of political dynamics and drivers of change that pose new risks or opportunities.

Country Entry

The country or market entry service provides clients with a bespoke report and subsequent frequent updates. The report can cover any political risk perils covered by Pangea-Risk, while also drawing on our analysts’ extensive experience in African socio-economic impact analysis and their understanding of commercial sectors. This service provides current market entry intelligence and makes actionable forecasts on a project’s risk outlook to support risk insurance provisions and other risk mitigation strategies upon entering a new country.

Risk Insurance Support

The political risk insurance support service provides a fast analysis provision exclusively for our political risk underwriter clients. This service provides forecasts and intelligence on all main risk perils covered by Pangea-Risk. Based on a retainer contract tailored to insurance clients’ specific requirements, we are able to respond to specific slip enquiries within 24 hours (or sooner) either through a phone call with a dedicated analyst or a short report addressing key concerns.

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