Pangea-Risk is a specialist intelligence firm providing analysis and forecasts on political, security, and economic risk in Africa and the Middle East. The company was founded in 2015 as EXX Africa, rebranded as Pangea-Risk in 2020, and has since become a leading risk advisory and consultancy with a broad network of clients ranging from DFIs, banks, traders, corporates, and insurers, to governments, counter-terrorism, and military forces worldwide.

Apart from operating a best-in-class subscription platform on commercial risk intelligence, Pangea-Risk also provides due diligence, consultancy, litigation expertise, and corporate investigations services across all African and Middle East jurisdictions. Pangea-Risk prides itself on providing timely, reliable, and well-informed intelligence that is sourced from an extensive on-the-ground network and rigorously applied to proprietary analytical processes. Pangea-Risk prepares its clients to enter new markets, to recognise and engage senior stakeholders, to identify key threats and opportunities, to monitor indicators of risk, to assess their socio-economic impact, and to manage expectations and meet local requirements.

Pangea -Risk believes that the value of intelligence is in its factor of surprise, so we endeavour to always tell our clients something new and striking. Pangea-Risk is incorporated in Mauritius, and based in Johannesburg and London, with a network of trusted analysts and dedicated sources across the African continent and the Middle East.

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Robert Besseling, Founder and CEO, Pangea-Risk

Robert Besseling founded specialist intelligence company EXX Africa in 2015, after pursuing a decade-long career in political risk forecasting at industry-leading firms in the UK and US. In late 2020, in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, EXX Africa was rebranded as Pangea-Risk to cover 68 African and Middle East countries. 

At Pangea-Risk, Robert leads a team of partners, researchers, and contributing analysts to produce commercially relevant and actionable analysis on political, security, and economic risk in Africa and the Middle East. Robert also retains the lead on many consulting projects for blue chip corporations in a wide variety of sectors. 

Robert is regularly invited to speak at major international conferences on topics such as metals and mining, trade and export finance, and global security matters. He frequently moderates ministerial panels and has interviewed multiple African heads of state and government during his career. Robert makes frequent appearances on televised media, as well as contributions to international print media. He has travelled extensively on the continent and calls Africa his ‚Äėhome‚Äô.

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